Wezone Athlete May 2022 – José Luis

This month the athlete chosen by his coaches is Jose Luis, a regular partner of Wezone Pacífico. We have asked him some questions so that you can get to know him a little better:

1. Where are you from and what do you do?

I am from San Cristóbal de Entreviñas, Zamora, I have been in Madrid for a little over 5 years and I am dedicated to Digital Marketing, I currently work at the Marketinhouse agency, as head of the advertising area.

2. Tell us something about yourself:

I am a person with many hobbies and very diverse! I love series, cooking/eating, car racing, traveling whenever I can… What I am most passionate about is indie-alternative music, meeting new groups, going to concerts, festivals… In addition, it is the most present hobby of my day to day, I do everything with music.

3. How did you come to Wezone?

3. How did you get to Wezone? I had been doing Crossfit in different centers for several years, but with the arrival of the pandemic, I moved the box to my living room, like so many athletes, with all the limitations that this entails at the level of personal progression .

Arriving September 2021 I decided to return to the real fire and in Wezone Pacific I have found my perfect box, I have never felt so motivated at a sports level nor have I had such a good feeling with my teammates and coach.

4. Why do you do CrossFit?

The big question that no one understands!!

I started mainly because I needed an escape route to cope with the stress and fast-paced life of the capital, it was recommended to me by a friend and I still remember his words when I went to try it: “when you go to the trial class sign up as soon as you finish it or you won’t go to come back”.

Of course I listened to him and with the passage of time CrossFit has gone from being something temporary, to being a routine of constant growth, from which many other areas of my life are also enriching.

In summary, today CrossFit is a basic pillar of my daily life.

5. What is your favorite move? And what would you like to learn?

I like many. If I had to keep one, I would say the Devil-Press, because of the combination of Burpee + Dumbbell to Overhead, I love both movements. I would like to learn Handstand-Walk, it is also one of the most complex movements and requires more patience, but everything will come!

6. What do you like most about coming to the box to train?

Having 1h/2h a day of complete disconnection: I leave problems, worries and stress out of the box and I dedicate that time fully to myself and my training. Also, I love the atmosphere with colleagues, as I always say “suffering together is enjoying”. And, finally, I highlight the support and learning that the coaches transmit to me every day, they are helping me a lot in my development as an athlete and they are great, and what patience they have!