Tips to set goals and grow as an athlete

These previous months have been full of emotions, since the entire Wezone community has turned to celebrate the Open.

We believe that this is a perfect time not only to celebrate achievements, but to set new goals for ourselves as athletes. We have been able to see our progress, we have detected weaknesses and we have wanted to improve certain aspects. Now is the time to set goals and start charting the path towards them.

From the Wezone team, we want to be part of it, being part of your day to day life and guiding you in your improvement and learning. To do this, we leave you several tips regarding setting goals.

1. Set realistic and measurable goals. It is important to specify what is pursued. Without it, we cannot make a plan or assess whether we are on the right track and we will most likely end up frustrated. If what we want is to improve our gymnastics, we can specify it in such a way that the goal, for example, is “chain 3 BMU with a good technique”.

2. Mark dates. This goes hand in hand with the previous point. It is important to frame the objectives in time, in order to create a plan and maintain motivation.

3. Establish a strategy. To do this, we encourage you to have your coaches, who will be happy to help you. Once the strategy is chosen, it is important to follow it in a committed way, otherwise, we will not be able to know if it is correct or not. Remember that the plan is not set in stone and can be readjusted if necessary.

4. Register your trademarks. It is important to measure progress with hard data and not with feelings, as the latter can be misleading. Keeping a record will allow us to have a reliable source of information. To do this, we advise you to record your results in the app.

5. Be patient and enjoy. Improvement takes time and setting goals is important, but so is enjoying the journey, which is where we spend most of our time. Sharing the process with training partners can be a good way to stay motivated and encourage each other.