This September, we opened the doors of a new CrossFit box in the north of the center of Madrid: we arrived in Tetuán.

We are pleased to share this new opening with our entire community, as it will make a new Wezone center with the most luxurious facilities in the city available to all our athletes and those new to whom we await with open doors.

We tell you the details:

· Location and facilities. This new location will be at 309 Bravo Murillo Street, a 7-minute walk from our other Wezone Plaza Castilla center and has 1,000 m2 of fully air-conditioned space, both for summer and winter.

· Material. The material is completely new and will be waiting to be released by everyone who wants to enjoy this sport. There will be all kinds of elements to carry out our activities and so that you can train without missing anything.

· Activities. The new space will allow us to integrate all our offer of activities (CrossFit, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Endurance, Core, Mobility…) into the schedule and complement it with Open Box hours.

· Community area. There will be an area to enjoy the pre and post training, where you can comment on the training of the day or the weekend, have a cold drink and share a good time with your friends.

· Comfort and space. Both the training and stretching areas, as well as the bathrooms and common areas, are very spacious and finished to the highest quality… We know you’re going to love it!


As in the rest of our centers, we have a professional team of coaches who will accompany all the athletes in each training session, explaining each exercise and guiding you in your learning.


Whether you are a fan of CrossFit and do not miss any edition of the CrossFit Games, or if you are new to this sport, at Wezone we have the doors open for you.

It doesn’t matter what goal you have, whether for aesthetics, to improve your sports performance, to strengthen your body and gain muscle mass, to reduce your fat percentage or simply to have a fun time training, our programming will help you achieve it.

You choose how often to come to train and at what times, since we work with a booking app that will provide you with the comfort of adapting your sports practice to your daily routine and lifestyle.


Don’t miss out on the Founding Member offer that we will launch and with which you can enjoy unlimited hours of CrossFit in the box with the best facilities in Madrid!