Ventura is from Ejea de los Caballeros, a town in the province of Zaragoza. He studied mathematics and landed in Madrid last September with the aim of studying a master’s degree in cybersecurity. Now he has started working at KPMG.

He describes himself as “a kid who can’t sit still“, and the Wezone Chamberí coaching team attests to this, since since he started training with us, you can see him training practically every day. Either to face the Open or to prepare a competition in Navarra with his Wezone team. Surely this is because since he was a child he has played sports such as soccer, tennis or karate.

Surely this is because since he was a child he has played sports such as soccer, tennis or karate. He also tells us that he enjoys movies a lot, he even confesses that he feels a bit of a freak since he likes anime, although where he has the best time he is partying with his friends.

Ventura started doing CrossFit just a year ago in a box in his hometown of Zaragoza. He liked the atmosphere generated in this sport so much that when he came to Madrid the first thing he did was look for a box to sign up for, choosing Wezone because of the positive reviews he found searching the internet.

If you ask him for what other reasons CrossFit hooked him so quickly, he says that it is because every day you try different things, getting away from the routine, being able to enjoy the feeling of improving with each training and meeting new goals.

What he likes most about coming to the box is the disconnection that it produces for a couple of hours, the satisfaction of having given everything in training and above all, the atmosphere that is breathed with the coaches and teammates, which is unbeatable.

His favorite move is the clean and jerk, although he enjoys the muscle up bar more. From the entire Wezone team we encourage you to get to fly on the bar with the butterfly kips, which we know is a movement that you really want to improve.

A pleasure to have you in Wezone, and we hope it will be for a long time.