At Wezone, we are committed to sustainability and care of the environment. As a network of many boxes, we know that our activity, movements, and use of air conditioning and heating our centers may impact the environment, which is why we have committed to take measures to reduce our carbon footprint and offset our emissions.
To achieve this, we have implemented and integrated a corporate social responsibility plan which includes the planting of trees to offset our carbon footprint. We know that trees are a powerful tool in the capture and storage of atmospheric carbon, and so we have taken measures to plant trees uin Olmeda de las Fuentes, in the outskirts of Madrid.


In addition to tree planting, we have also taken actions to reduce our carbon footprint in other areas of our company. We’ve implemented waste reduction and recycling programs, installed low-energy LED lighting in our gyms, and have opted to work with providers that use sustainable production and transport of their products.

We are proud of being able to contribute in this way to sustaining and caring for the environment, and we encourage others to do the same. We understand that every small action can lead to a greater impact, and we are committed to continue doing our part to protect our planet.