At Across Wellness, we are conscious of the importance of an individualized nutrition plan in our athletes’ lives. Not only in the realm of professional sport, but also for the rest of our day-to-day activities and tasks.

And so regardless of how long you have been practicing this sport or what level you find yourself at, have you ever stopped to think about the importance of nutrition in your life? Are you aware of everything that you could achieve if you were to prioritize that aspect? Perhaps you think that proper diet plans are only for the elite?

You should know that the base of the CrossFit prescription’s pyramid is nutrition, based on the fact that this activity not only spurs changes in body composition, but also prepares us for improvement in our daily lives.

Thanks to these guiding principles, we can become people who are committed, organized, responsible, and capable of rising above any challenge. But above all, staying motivated and fun-loving. This is the motivating force that works as the engine for our day-to-day, and this engine, like any other, needs energy. This is where the game of nutrition comes in.

If we want to be that person who is always prepared for life, we should be that person who takes care of their nutrition.

Nutrition is much more than losing fat or increasing muscle mass. Nutrition is what allows us to obtain the necessary energetic substrates to prepare for, develop, and recover from our daily activities. This includes our training sessions, among many others.


Some of the benefits of investing our time to learn about nutrition are:

And at this point you may be wondering, how can I achieve all this? It’s very easy. At ACROSS WELLNESS we have two subscription types that will allow you to integrate all the benefits mentioned above and many more into your life.



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* 2 visits within each 30-day period, that is, 1 visit every 15 days.

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contacto directo con tu nutricionista vía Whatsapp cuando más lo necesites. Ideal para iniciar la integración de hábitos saludables y nuevas herramientas de aprendizaje continuo.


Subscription by visit

disfruta de las consultas con la periodización que mejor se adapte a tus objetivos. Ideal para establecer revisiones de los hábitos saludables y herramientas de aprendizaje integradas durante los periodos de suscripción mensual.

If you want to be ready for anything, you need to integrate sound nutritional habits and continuous learning tools.
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